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Specialist Support Service

Our Specialist Support Service is a comprehensive, professional, high-quality Positive Behaviour Support provision for parents and carers of children and young people with Autism and related conditions who demonstrate challenging behaviour**

Our approach combines functional assessments which enables us to understand different behaviours and tailor a strategy for their skills development.

As a full cost service, a specialist support package can be commissioned by county council, CAMHS, education or privately funded i.e. direct payments, PIP, DLA etc. Anyone can make a referral. Following receipt of a referral it may be necessary for an eligibility assessment.

Eligibility Criteria

A child/young person must:

• Be under 25 years of age
• Demonstrate traits of Autism and/or ADHD
• Live in Sussex or Kent
• Funding available

Referrals can come from a parent/carer or a professional involved with the child or young person. Following receipt of a referral, it may be necessary for someone to carry out a provisional needs assessment.

Areas we cover – Kent, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.


Positive Behaviour Support

Autism Training Programme

Specialists Support Team


** Please note that we are unable to support children/young people who suffer from extreme mental health disorders, such as psychosis, bipolar disorder and clinical depression.