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Interview with: Ria and her experience with Aspens Family and Specialist Support

The specialist support service has been supporting Ria for a year and a half now, she started of weekly sessions and continues to see her SIA once a month. Ria has come so far, despite many challenges along the way. She is now volunteering at a local primary school and has offered advice to some of our other young people who are suffering from similar challenges.

How do you think you have benefitted from the specialist service?

I have a better understanding of Autism in general and my own ASC diagnosis. The support I’ve received has made me aware of my own strengths/weaknesses and I now have methods to cope during difficult times.

Do you think that I have a good understanding of your needs and are you confident with the support I provide?

I think out of all the professionals I have met, you have been the one to understand me and could tell you anything.

Have I communicated well with you?

Yes, always.

Would you recommend this service to other young people with Autism?


What would you say to a young person that might be a bit too anxious to ask for help?

It’s better to receive help now than wait because over time you’re just going to become isolated and could potentially end up in a worse situation. Life will be much easier for you.

What additional support would you like to see for individuals with Autism?

I would like more support with education, especially if you want to continue to further study. I think there needs to be a clear network on other option apart from mainstream schools.


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