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Interview with: Lisa and Elliot and their experience with Aspens Family and Specialist Support

How did you feel after first making contact with Aspens?

I felt relieved, there was finally someone to help us make sense of Elliot’s difficulties and guide us in providing solutions.

How has Elliot benefitted from the specialist service?

The help Lucy has provided has boosted Elliot’s confidence and given him the tools needed to overcome his fears and anxieties. Not only has Elliot benefitted, Lucy has been able to give us as his parents advice and has always been ready to help and respond when a problem has arisen.

Do you feel that the specialist service has empowered you as a parent in understanding how Elliot’s condition affects him and therefore how you can support him?

It has been an enormous relief to have the support, speaking to Lucy puts everything into perspective and allows us to feel confident in our approach.  Before our sessions, we felt lost, powerless and, worst of all, hopeless.

Does the specialist intervention advisor understand Elliot’s needs and are you confident in their support?

One hundred percent.  Lucy was able to connect with Elliot immediately, it was clear she understood from the very first meeting, what Elliot’s particular needs were and was able to tackle difficulties and stresses from the outset.

Has the specialist support service communicated well with you and other professionals supporting Elliot?

We have valued the assistance Lucy has provided in terms of reporting to external agencies, without this support we would not have secured additional services.  The communication is effective and immediate.

Would you recommend this service to other families and why?

Wholeheartedly, we would certainly not have made the incredible progress we have made over the past year.  Elliot has grown in confidence and comfort, we are able to see a productive future for him, one where he is equipped to manage his anxieties and fears.

What additional support would you like for your family?

The only missing piece of our puzzle, is a social group for young adults on the spectrum, providing a safe and comfortable environment to meet others who may feel isolated and lonely.


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