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Interview with: Julie and her experience with Aspens Family and Specialist Support

How did you feel after first making contact with Aspens?

I contacted Aspens (formerly Autism Sussex) in the beginning because I felt so alone with no one to help me and my son. Everyone else had let us both down. I reached out to them and they caught me. If it wasn’t for their help Jake wouldn’t be where he is today. And now they are helping with his behavioural problems.

How has Jake benefited from the specialist service?

Jake goes to the Saturday group, has been out on day trips and more recently on the PGL and had the best time. He’s now having regular specialist sessions weekly helping to control his behaviour and express his feelings.

Do you feel that the specialist service has empowered you as a parent in understanding how Jake’s condition affects him and therefore how you can support him?

Its help me understand him more and what can trigger certain behaviour problems. We have visual charts that help with his triggers and I’ve personally have learnt to stop, listen and talk more.

Does the specialist intervention advisor understand Jake’s needs and are you confident in their support?

Yes, she does and I think she has been very patient with Jake (as he does like to push things) and I have seen a noticeable difference in Jake since he has been in his sessions.

Has the specialist support service communicated well with you and other professionals supporting Jake?

The communication has been very good. I get email updates and I can say if there’s something that I need help with I can contact her. I have also been in some of the sessions which have helped me see what happens in them.

Would you recommend this service to other families and why?

Yes very much so. Jake was very bad tempered and very quick to lose his temper, and I found myself losing my temper quicker than I used to, which I didn’t like about myself. Since Jake has been going, he doesn’t lose his temper so quickly and has been better to live with, which has also helped me not lose my temper.


Jake Dent

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