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Interview with: Kate Hall and her experience with Aspens Family and Specialist Support


How did you feel after first making contact with Aspens?

We felt hopeful for some support to help Jake and manage what can be quite stressful situations.

How has Jake benefitted from the specialist service?

We have learnt techniques to help prepare Jake for changes in routine, dealing with worries and anxiety , these have made life so much easier for us as parents and mainly for Jake, he doesn’t get so angry or worried when new experiences approach as we have been given the tools to help him be prepared.

Do you feel that the specialist service has empowered you as a parent in understanding how Jake’s condition affects him and therefore how you can support him?

Absolutely. We have really embraced everything and its taught us to approach parenting in a different way, we don’t lay on many demands any more, we break things down and look at things from his perspective.

Does the specialist intervention advisor understand Jake’s needs and are you confident in their support?

Amelia has been amazing with Jake, he really liked working and playing with her. He took to her Instantly, which was a massive bonus for us, he was open with her and it has meant we got lots from each session.

Has the specialist support service communicated well with you and other professionals supporting Jake?

Absolutely, we are extremely grateful for all the support we have been given.

Would you recommend this service to other families and why?

Without a doubt yes. We found going through the process of diagnosis very hard and understanding Jake at times really frustrating in terms of his actions and motives. Aspens have given us the tools and support that we really needed. The future doesn’t seem so bleak or daunting now!

What additional support would you like for your family?

I think moving forward there are always going to be challenges and it’s how we deal with them as they arise. We will certainly be contacting Aspens again for move sessions in the future as we have felt it’s been beneficial.


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