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The touching story of Javad Ebrahimi

Javad Ebrahimi is a 28 year-old aspiring fashion designer, diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, fighting to remain in the UK. After losing his parents in a tragic earthquake in Iran, he was transferred to an orphanage in Tehran where he was taught extreme religious philosophies and the use of guns, which he didn’t agree with. At a very young age he ran away and made his way to England where he was detained and processed by the system.

After sleeping rough and struggling to survive, he was eventually taken in by Terry Hewitt. With her support he started attending The Roebuck Centre, a support facility part of Aspens Charities, which offers a variety of courses for people with learning disabilities.

His mental health issues, poor memory and visible signs of PTSD make him a vulnerable person in need of an ‘autism safe’ environment. Javad’s deportation would affect his condition in a negative way, as Iran is a country with little adult social care and no progressive approach in regards to Autism.

During his 18 months at The Roebuck Centre, he has shown exceptional skill in craft particularity sewing and bag making. He has the ability, capacity and determination to train as a professional fashion designer if the opportunity to develop is given to him.

The Home Office has rejected his application for asylum and a petition, signed by 39,942 people, was issued to support Javad stay in the UK. Unless Javad receives a discretionary leave to remain, he will be deported back to a place he barely remembers and will lose the only family he has had since losing his parents.