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A tribute to Kerry Jeffrey – a much valued volunteer

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Kerry Jeffrey, our much-valued volunteer.
Kerry volunteered with us for two years and we feel so lucky that she shared her musical talent with us. Kerry responded to an advert we placed for a volunteer to help with our Saturday Rock ‘n’ Pop sessions, to support young people with autism play in a band.
Kerry volunteered regularly each week and settled into the role really well. She became a valuable member of the team and was well-liked by everyone. She also got to know the young people and saw how much they enjoyed the sessions. Asked why she volunteered, Kerry said “I enjoy the music. It’s also great to see the young people progress and their confidence grow. I can see what the music is doing for them”.
Mal Saxby and Chris Embury, staff at our Roebuck Centre in Hastings, where the sessions took place, said this about Kerry:
“Kerry was a brilliant musician and music was her life. She happily volunteered at the Roebuck with the young musicians, helping and encouraging them with their singing and playing. She was also the drummer in the Roebuck house band, ‘Blue Velvet’ and was really excited that they were about to start doing proper gigs in local pubs. Kerry had a quiet disposition, but would always voice her opinion if she felt it necessary. She had a great sense of humour and loved to share a joke, finishing with a drum roll and a crash of the cymbals. Kerry will be greatly missed by all who knew her and performed with her”.