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Gensing Road outreach services

Gensing Road provides supported living accommodation to individuals who have Autism Spectrum Condition or Aspergers and associated complex mental health conditions such as OCD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD and PTSD.

Tenants are supported in their own flats to live as independently as possible with specialist, person centred support. Each tenant has their own personalised flat including bedroom, living area, bathroom and kitchen. There are also communal areas within the building which includes a lounge area, kitchen and outside decked seating area. A tenancy agreement is issued at the start of the tenancy and with a focus on outcomes; we aim to support each individual to progress towards independent living within the community, thereby ensuring less reliance on paid support.


The level of support is agreed with the prospective tenant and the responsible funding authority at the point of referral. A personalised support plan is developed with the individual, based on an in-depth assessment of need, individual’s interests and supported hours. From this a personalised timetable will be created. Each individual has a key worker who focuses on the individuals needs and monitors support regularly through reviews and meetings.








Gensing Road staff team offer a huge variety of different support skills to enable us to meet individual’s needs. Examples of support provided are as follows;


• Benefits support- PIP/ ESA/ DLA/ universal credit- form filling and meeting support.

• Budgeting and financial affairs- banking, savings, budgets

• Bill paying and tenancy support- bill payments, setting up bills, organising moving and tenancy.

• Nutrition, Cooking, and shopping support- setting up meal plans, cooking recipes support, online/ store shopping, skills with money and paying.

• Self-care skills teaching- personal hygiene, regular dental/ medical check-ups, haircuts, clothing , medication routines.

• Supporting sexual relationships and gender transitioning

• Support into employment, work experience and voluntary work- CV writing, support in employment settings, interview support

• Domestic skills and care of a home- cleaning, home maintenance, laundry

• Health and safety within a home-fire safety, Gas/Elec safety, evacuation process

• Justice system and criminal proceedings support- probation service, police interviews, court orders, court summons and tribunals.

• Emotional wellbeing and mental health support-accessing support services, attending support groups, time to de-brief

• Supporting social understanding and the developing these skills- involvement in social activities, accessing community projects, family contact, forming friendships and relationships

• Essential life skills support

• Support with other professions- e.g. GP/Psychiatrist/ Physiotherapists/Consultants/Nurse/ Social workers/ benefits officers / therapists/ Mental health team


Gensing Road is staffed 24 hours a day- (staffed overnight by a night warden) CCTV cameras monitor the premises at all times. The staff team are dedicated and well trained striving to ensure each tenant maximises their full potential in order to develop their independent living skills. Gensing Road staff team comprises of one manage, 2 deputy managers, 4 senior support workers and support workers.